Who do you reach with your ad?

Age: 53% of our readers are 65+, 30% are 55-64, and 16% are 45-54

Residence: Homeowners, many of whom no longer carry a mortgage and have the ability to repair it or to buy a new home; renters who normally are great tenants who stay for many years; retirement community residents who like making new friends and can populate your development.

Employment status: retirees, business owners, great employees, and lots of volunteers

Economic status: careful savers with a lifetime of savings, investors who appreciate the value of planning for the future, annuitants who enjoy a stream of monthly income. Give them a reason to buy, and most have disposable income to respond to your message.

Health status: focused on taking care of their health and staying active.

70% of readers surveyed responded that they “Frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in News.”

In summary, NEWS readers provide you with great opportunity for your business and with accessible disposable income to respond to your message.